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A Night For Kings

It was a pleasure to be involved in A Night For Kings last Saturday at the Carclew Arts Centre – a gorgeous event organised for an awesome cause. The event was hosted by the amazing Creating For Conservation team to raise funds for Kings Chimungu to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a veterinary assistant. Kings has been volunteering for the Chipembele Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Zambia from an early age.

It was a wonderful evening in the most picturesque of settings, featuring an art exhibition, silent auctions, African markets, delicious food and wine, cool tunes by the DJ as well as a range of other activities organised to help raise money for children in Zambia. The highlight of the night was certainly the live cross to Kings in Zambia; hearing him talk about his dream of becoming a vet and seeing how excited and grateful he was to everyone for their participation in the event was a delight and made it all very real.

a night for kings

I created two new artworks for the exhibition, Allow to Grow and Stillness of Evening (pictured below).


Inspired by this year’s Pantone colour, Greenery, these decorative banana leaf prints combine the use of soft pastels and vibrant green hues.

While the titles, Allow to Grow and Stillness of Evening, have an obvious reference to the growth of plants, more importantly, they reflect the simple gesture of providing opportunity so that others may flourish. Given the right conditions, anyone can grow and our growth will in turn have a positive impact on others.

The banana leaf was selected for these pieces as historically it served a range of helpful applications to many.

a night for kings 2

Allow to Grow and Stillness of Evening are limited edition Giclee Prints available to purchase online via Ettie Ink’s shop. Framed prints are also available at Sublime Cafe (Clarence Gardens, Adelaide).

a night for kings 3

For more information about Kings Chimungu’s journey click here or head to the Creating For Conservation website.

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